Botanical creations that nourish your skin

Plant based

Every ingredient in Mojo products is carefully selected based on quality, origin, and how it benefits your skin and health.


Mojo products use quality essential oils to create delicious fragrance from nature, with unscented options available. No toxic synthetic ingredients go into my products.


I have gone to great lengths to keep every product in the range vegan-friendly. No animal-derived ingredients are used in any Mojo products!


Mojo products are never tested on animals - strictly humans only. Party animals maybe, but not the furry kind.

Secure Payment

Pay with your Paypal account or credit card through the easy and secure PayPal option at checkout. 

Locally Handmade

Your purchase supports a local crafter of handmade goods, which in turn supports Australian suppliers and manufacturers.

What customers are saying about Mojo Botanicals products

Rosebuds Cleanser

"I have very sensitive skin so I am always keen to research and skeptically try new products but I am always hesitant to believe that anything will actually make my face clean and blemish-free yet not too dry and oily all at the same.
"This cleanser actually feels like a gentle cream that glides on well with water, washing dirt away yet leaving my skin feeling incredibly soft.
"And the smell - oh my goodness - it smells like the most deluxe bouquet of roses you could ever imagine. I am not one for heavy scents of anything at all, especially floral, but this smells so darn good! It doesn’t smell like a fake flower scent - it is very natural and real.
"I have never ever used a cleanser of any sort that didn’t dry my face out - even the stuff that says it’s for sensitive skin and is organic - but THIS stuff is fantastic." - Selina

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Bergamot Body Scrub

"This product is absolutely gorgeous. I have found some scrubs to be too coarse, drying and leaving my skin feeling as though I have used sandpaper in the shower. This product is the complete opposite. Not only is it a scrub that is so gentle on the skin, it leaves your skin feeling moisturised as well, nourished and only the good stuff your skin really needs in a scrub product. I step out of the shower feeling refreshed, smooth and moisturised all at the same time. I also have sensitive skin and dry skin usually, this product has done wonders for my after shower routine. My skin feels amazing and healthy after using it. I would 100% recommend." - Skye

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Facial Oil

"I am pleasantly surprised! This oil is so light. At first I thought putting oil on my face would be too much but it sinks into the skin and moisturises so well! Its the first thing I put on my face when I’ve been in the sun. It smells beautiful too. I only use a tiny amount and spread it over face and neck. I’ve been using it for a while now and my skin isn’t dry anymore like it used to be." - Carmen

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