The Benefits of Natural Clay

Why do we use clay in beauty products?

Natural earth clays are an amazing treatment for our skin and come in many types including bentonite, kaolin, zeolite, and illite. These clays are collected from Australia, France, and Brazil and provide our skin with important minerals - magnesium, potassium, silica and calcium. They also come in a variety of beautiful natural colours.

pink kaolin clay


Clays have a variety of uses in health and beauty:

  • Absorb excess oil from the skin and purify it
  • Absorb grease from hair when used in natural dry shampoo
  • Soften hair when used in conditioners
  • Add natural colour and exfoliants to vegetable soap
  • Calm and cool the skin
  • Increase blood flow to the facial skin to brighten the complexion and assist with healing
  • Can be used in herbal poultices for natural wound healing

The most common cosmetic use for clay is as a facial mask. You don't need to spend a fortune in a salon to experience an amazing skin treatment. Follow these steps for a beautiful DIY facial at home.

How to use Mojo Botanicals Facial Clay

Mojo Botanicals Facial Clay


Items needed:

  • Mojo Botanicals Facial Clay
  • Clean washcloth
  • Clean bowl and spoon
  • A flat foundation brush or a clean unused paintbrush
  • Headband/hair tie
  • Facial oil or moisturiser of choice

What to do:

  1. Tie back your hair.
  2. Prepare your clay mixture in the bowl by adding a small amount of water to about half a teaspoon of clay. You can use water to wet your clay, or try green or chamomile tea for something different. Add the liquid a few drops at a time until an easily spreadable consistency is achieved.
  3. Using the washcloth and warm water, soak your skin to open your pores.
  4. Using the brush, apply the mask mixture to your face, leaving plenty of space around the eye area. Apply a thin layer; an overly thick layer of clay will take a long time to dry and may over-dry your skin. If you have enough mixture, apply it to your neck and décolletage too.
  5. Relax for 5 - 10 minutes until the mask is dry.
  6. Remove with warm water and washcloth by pressing the wet cloth to your face to loosen the mask, then wiping gently downwards. Repeat until clean. Don't be tempted to rub your skin up and down; gentle downward motions are best.
  7. An alternative to step 6 is to just hop in the shower and let the hot running water do the work.
  8. Wring out the wash cloth and use it to pat the excess water from your face, leaving your skin slightly damp.
  9. Apply your toner and oil/moisturiser as desired.
  10. Admire your bright, smooth skin!

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