Store Policies

Thank you for taking an interest in Mojo Botanicals. I hope that you love your purchase as much as I loved making it. In the interest of keeping my customers happy and well informed, please observe my store policies below.

If you have not used all-natural or oil based skincare products before, read some posts on my blog to learn more about the ingredients I use and how they work. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any considerations or questions.

Natural Products

Mojo Botanicals products do not contain added chemicals to alter their texture or appearance, and are formulated by hand using natural plant materials, therefore a product’s smell or texture can change over time. Slight variations between batches are possible, however the quality and efficacy of the products will remain the same.


Oil-Based Products

Mojo Botanicals oil-based products do not contain water, which enables them to be formulated completely free of preservatives. In order to prevent bacterial growth and premature spoilage, they should be stored in a dry location away from direct sunlight and heat, with care taken to avoid contamination by water.

The shelf life indicated in the product description is an estimate only, based on the best case scenario and does not apply to products left open or exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. Shelf life can be extended after opening by storing products in the fridge, but due to the natural ingredients used and lack of added preservatives, it is not possible to state an exact shelf life.

Most oils will eventually go rancid over time. For this reason, Mojo products are made fresh to order and should be used within 6 – 12 months of purchase. They are not designed to last for years.

Hydrous Products

Mojo Botanicals hydrous (water-based) products contain a non-toxic EcoCert certified preservative system that is plant-based and free from parabens and formaldehyde. It is comprised of Sorbitan Caprylate, derived from wheat or corn and coconut oil; Benzoic acid, a food-grade preservative acid that is naturally occurring in spices and fruit; and Propanediol, an organic compound related to (but distinct from) Propylene Glycol. Propanediol has a different molecular structure to Propylene Glycol, and no known health hazards. It is sustainably produced from renewable resources.

At this point in time, Mojo Botanicals products are not laboratory challenge-tested for shelf life, so as per the remarks under Oil-Based Products, the shelf life indicated for each product is an estimate based on best case scenario. Preserved products should still be regarded as “natural” and used within 3 – 6 months of purchase.


Mojo Botanicals products are made from high quality ingredients sourced from reliable Australian suppliers, and organic options are used whenever they are available. Only gentle, non-irritating and safe  ingredients are included in Mojo products. I cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions, therefore I encourage customers to read the ingredients before purchasing and conduct a patch test if uncertain. Comprehensive ingredient information, including botanical names for exact reference, can be found underneath the product description on the product page.

Use of Essential Oils on Children and During Pregnancy

Any Mojo products that contain essential oils do so at safe dilution rates for skin application.

If you wish to use Mojo products on children or infants, I encourage you to purchase the unscented variety and to do your own research into which essential oils are safe for use on young children and during pregnancy.

I do not generally recommend use of essential oil products on babies.


All products are shipped express via Australia Post. These days, even express post can take a few days and is not always guaranteed overnight delivery, and regular post takes longer than it did a few years ago, particularly if you live outside the metro area. Therefore I only use express post to avoid exposing the products to prolonged periods in hot delivery vans.

Australia Post will leave parcels unattended at your house if nobody is home, unless you select the Signature on Delivery option. This option is available at checkout and it must be selected if you want to be able to sign for/ collect the parcel from the post office instead of having it left at your doorstep. Express shipping includes tracking but it does not come with insurance for lost parcels and Australia Post will not take responsibility for parcels left unattended.


Due to hygiene controls, I am unable to accept returns.

I can offer a refund or replacement if a product arrives damaged or faulty. If you have any problems with your order, please email me as soon as possible so that I can address your concerns.

To save you the cost, hassle and wait time involved in returning damaged or faulty goods for inspection, I may request a photo of the item instead. Your helpful cooperation with this will ensure a swift turnaround in getting your refund or replacement product to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for shopping at Mojo Botanicals!

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