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Thanks for visiting my website! It has been a long time coming. I am really excited to finally be sharing this with you.

I have become truly passionate about natural skin care ever since I discovered that the daily beauty products I used were contributing to my problems with dry skin. If you are reading this, chances are you have discovered the same thing and, like me, are always on the lookout for decent natural products that are free from nasty additives.

The trouble is that although "natural" products are all the rage these days, it's not that easy to find products that really live up to the hype. So many brands still over-complicate things with less-than-desirable ingredients, or use strong artificial fragrance to appeal to consumers.

I just wanted to get back to basics - but I also wanted something slightly more sophisticated than a jar of virgin coconut oil.

I decided to create my own solution to the problem. And so, Mojo Botanicals was born. You can't get much more "natural" than this (unless you want to use a jar of straight coconut oil from Coles like I did when I first weaned myself off of commercial products!)

For some years now I have been enjoying my hobby of whipping up small luxurious batches of body products for myself and my family and friends. I have been using nothing but my own home made products and have never once been tempted to pick up something off a supermarket shelf, especially now that I understand what those products are really made of.

My goal now is to help other people who suffer with dry or sensitive skin issues (or just anyone who prefers their skincare to be as natural as possible) to overcome the problem of finding gentle and effective products that work for their skin.

I hope you find something you love in my store. Thanks for reading!


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